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Getting to lvl 25

Hiya! So far I've only gotten my German tree to level 25, mainly because I did a lot of strengthening and some Immersion. But now that Immersion's gone, are there any other ways (besides excessive strengthening) to reach that final level? I know that it's just a number, but I love working towards something. Looking for tips from users who have reached 25. Thanks!

August 6, 2017



It takes a lot of time to reach level 25, but you can succeed it by making your tree golden, Do a lot of practice and if you try the timed practice, you are sure to check your ability to read and understand in the few seconds given to you.

I am working hard on my tree and I have made half of my tree golden and the most important thing is you need a lot of hard work and practice.




Thank you! BTW nice streak.


Nope. It's a loonnngggg boring journey through countless XP to reach the goal. I really wish immersion was around.

I bought the timed practice. I go the top of the tree, look at the first skill, see three lessons. Refresh with timed practice three times, move on. All the way down the tree. I'm about a third down the tree now.

Before that was endless random practice until I found this somewhat helpful method.

I need 6000 xp more, which is 6000 correct questions I have to answer.

I don't think I'll ever do this again with another language, I'll just casually reach level 25 after a few years if there's no immersion substitute.

It's really tough. Just bare through it.


Nice system idea. I'll have to try that. I agree that Timed Practice is very valuable. I bought it a few days after I started using the website and it has been soooooooo helpful. Good luck getting to 25!


Vielen dank!!

I'm trying to get level 25 by the end of the summer, September 4th. School starts on the fifth and I've been going since July 1. 12,500 xp in 2 months? Difficult lol and I'm already over halfway there.

Extreme dedication.


Setting a deadline. Good idea. I always work better with deadlines.


Is timed practice a one time thing?


No, buy once have it forever for any language.


Wow I thought it was a one time thing so I only got it today. Thanks!


Wouldn't call it either tough or boring, but I agree that it's a long journey. I think it took me over two years.


Hi Scarlett


Did you begin the German learning in Duolingo from zero? How do you feel now with the language? Can you keep a conversation, to undestand movies and so on...?

How much time did you last in reaching the level 25?

Sorry for so many questions.

Congratulations again!


Thank you! I never mind answering questions. Yes, I had zero knowledge of the German language when I started. I now feel that I have a pretty comfortable base. I've never (sadly) had the opportunity to have a conversation in it. But I am able to read stuff and get the jist of it. It took me about a year and a half to get to lvl 25.



It just takes a really long time. The only languages I am up to 25 in are from when immersion was still around. I have really been working to get there with Catalan, but it just takes time. I think it may well take me another year, but then, I am in no rush. I mainly used timed practice at this point and am learning other things too at the same time.


Hola! I don't really have any tips, since I'm only level seven in Spanish (same as you I noticed!) but I thought I'd offer a simple "well done!" Have a Lingot or two, too!

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