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Romanian quiz

Why was the quiz removed from Romanian once it got out of Beta? I really liked that feature. Is it coming back? Are any extra packages coming to the lingot store? I have more lingots than I can possibly ever use...

August 6, 2017



Do you mean the purchased quizzes? Duolingo decided to remove them for all languages for some reason. Unless they have a better test planned it seems pointless removing it to me. They have said they will add more popular items to the store but I do not know if this means useful items or just fun things.


Ah, that's a bummer:( I really hope some kind of test comes back. That was a decent way to track progress quantitatively. I liked that sentences in the quiz were different from the ones in the "strengthen skills" package. Thanks for the info though.


Hi, there was another item that they removed and it was called immersion because you could translate phrases from a language to yours, but removed some time ago and how much the ingots and just a suggestion ta donates to beginners helps a lot of peace

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