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"Kostōbi anni sylvī āeksia jorrāelzi."

Translation:The powerful horses love the wise masters.

August 6, 2017



OK, here's a resume of everything (maybe I have some fails, forgive me for that, I will edit as soon as possible):



Nominative: zokla (singular) zokli (plural).

Acusative: zokle (singular) zoklī (plural).


Nominative: atroksia (singular) atroksī (plural).

Acusative: atroksie (singular) atroksī (plural)


Nominative anne (singular) anni (plural)

Acusative: annī (singular) annī (plural)


Nominative: keli (singular) kela (plural)

Acusative: Exactly the same


Nominative: avero (singular) avera (plural)

Acusative: exactly the same.


Nominative: āeksio (singular) āeksia (plural)

Acusative: exactly the same.


Looks great! (kēli = cat has a long ē.)

I encourage you to keep making your own notes - it is hugely useful, but if you ever need something to check your notes against:




Thank you! I also gave you lingot, but because I want to see how many lingots I can get just by doing the High Valyrian course would you be able to give it back to me? I'll give you any extra lingots I get.

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