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Film cinematography in German

What words/expressions do Germans use when discussing the cinematography in a film? I've seen that award categories like "Best cinematography" are translated as "Beste Kamera". When you want for example to praise the work of camera in a film, the frames etc., how would you say that? How would you translate English expressions like "has wonderful cinematography / the cinematography is wonderful", "is beautifully shot / a beautifully shot film".

I'm especially wondering about that last one. I think "to shoot a film" would use "drehen" but would you use "drehen" when talking about the camera work? Can a film be "großartig gedreht" or anything like that?

Would "Kinematografie" be used to mean the work of camera in a film or is it just a technical term — the science (it is like that in Polish). If so, what words would rather be used for that? "Kameraführung"? That simple "Kamera"? E.g. In Polish we say "zdjęcia", the word for "photos".

August 6, 2017



"Die Kinematografie" is like "Geografie" or "Biologie" the term for the whole field of movies. So you can study it and be an expert in it. The adjective "kinematografisch" means, connected to film. So if one talks about a "kinematografisches Meisterwerk", an extraordinary movie is meant.

If it is about the camera and how it was handled, "die Kameraführung" or sometimes short "Kamera" is certainly a good word to use.

And yes, you can use "drehen" that way. A movie can be "großartig gedreht".

I hope I could be of help.


Not really into German cinematic words myself, but this wikipedia site might give some ideas/a start (esp. the different categories and their names): https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutscher_Filmpreis

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