How do you use einkaufe in a sentence with ich (without using gehe)? And what is "kaufe ein"? It's on DL's dictionary.

August 6, 2017


'Einkaufen' is what's known as a separable verb. There are a lot of these in German.

Think of the 'ein-' as a loosely attached part of the word- depending on what the word is doing, it can end up in different parts of the sentence.

Here's some details on how to use them- one page for present tense, another for perfect:

Thank you!! I get it! But could you please tell me if separating them is mandatory? There are words eg dahin which may or may not be separated. Same case with verbs?

Separable verbs all follow fhe same rules. It's mandatory to separate them in trhe cases described in the article. There are a couple of cases when they don't separate, but that's quite advanced grammar which you'd be better off learning as you come across it.

However, if you do feel ready for some advanced grammar, here's some more in-depth stuff about separable verbs.

Best of luck. :)

Hi, I see... hm I try to explain what´s written there. In german it is possible to create words with an so called präfix. ein|kaufen, ab|fahren, hin|fallen. The präfixes are shown with examples in the first table. The rule is if the präfix is accented you separate them. These präfixes also rule the meaning of the word.

ein|kaufen Ich kaufe ein. I do the shopping.

auf|kaufen Ich kaufe auf. I buy out.

Just have a look at the präfixes there´s a system. The rest, I´m afraid is learning.

greez Angel

Ich ging, um Gegenstände zu kaufen. Is this the sentence was what you were asking for?

No. I want to use einkaufe (shopping) not kaufe (buying).. Plus all the example sentences I googled use gehe and einkaufen eg ich gehe (gern) einkaufen. But I want to use the other verb forms ie einkaufe or einkaufst. I am not sure how though or if native speakers prefer using gehe.

Ich finde schlimm, dass du soviel einkaufst. Muss man denn jeden Tag einkaufen?

Thank you. But what is kaufst ein? Are both einkaufst and kaufst ein acceptable?

Heute kaufst Du ein! Wann kaufst Du ein?

Thank you. So du einkaufst heute = du kaufst ein heute?

you split the verb "einkaufen" in two - "ich kaufe ein, du kaufst ein,..."

erste Person singular:.., dass ich soviel (ein)kaufe

zweite Person singular..., dass du soviel (ein)kaufst

dritte Person singular...., dass er/sie soviel (ein)kauft.

Thank you!! I get it !

Ich möchte kaufen

Is this okay?

Hi, I understand your problem, but it´s hard to explain. Pleas have a look here :

I hope you will find the answer for your question here

greez Angel

Thank you. But the page you shared is in German. Ich bin eine Anfängerin :p If I translate, it would also translate words that need to be in German for me to figure it out..

Einkaufen means to purchase the things which are needed. "Ich gehe einkaufen" means: I go into a shop or a supermarket and purchase the things I need.

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