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"Bonvolu iri kun mi al la balo ĉe la dancejo ĉi-vespere!"

Translation:Please go with me to the dance at the dance club this evening!

August 6, 2017


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«to the dance at the danceclub»

Ĉu estas bonan anglan? (kaj komune uzata)


If there were a dance at a dance club, then yes. I think the English is fine. What's odd is the concept. Why would there be a ball at a dance club?

Note: no -n with estas: Ĉu tio estas bona angla?


Ĉar ili rentas la ejo al mia amiko Barbara kaj sia organizo la Commonwealth Vintage Dancers? Vidu http://vintagedancers.org/



  • lui - to rent
  • luigi/ludono - to rent out

Chelmsford Center for the Arts isn't the first image to come to mind when I think "dance club". :-)


I dont know anybody who goes to a ball anymore...sounds like something out of a fairy tale. People I know go to clubs to dance. Maybe update the language?

[deactivated user]

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, in my view, the Esperanto doesn't necessarily mean a dance club, but any place where dancing takes place, whether a ballroom, a disco, a dance hall or whatever.


    It's a ball at a dance club. The ball is a traditional part of the UK, as I recall.

    If there's a difference between a dance club and a disco, I don't know what it is.


    A better translation is just "club" instead of "dance club" imo

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    In English we would usually (or just as likely) say, "Please come with me..." . Would "venas" work in Esperanto as well?

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