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"There is a big square in Odesa."

Translation:У Одесі є велика площа.

August 6, 2017



Не правильно сказати "Є велика площа в Одесі?"


Technically the sentence is correct. If a part of a sentence, the order makes sense and sounds natural: Є велика площа в Одесі, а є маленька. (There is a big square in Odessa, and there's a small one). In this case it's ordered that way to emphasize certain parts.

However, out of context it sounds off. If it's a single statement on its own, this order sounds very unnatural.

So even though grammatically it's totally correct, it's not included as an option not to confuse the learners with the order diversity we have here xD


What about, "Там є великий майдан в Одесі,"?


I would say that would be "There is a big square there in Odesa". The extra "там" looks like there'd be an extra "there" which literally means "there" and not just "there is". But at a certain level these sentences are similar, so depending on the context they could even mean the same I guess...


Yeah. The phrase "there is" in English is a construction that doesn't literally translate to other languages. For example, masongf, in German you say "Es gibt" to mean "There is," which is not a literal translation, but a figurative one. In Ukrainian, the phrase "there is" does not translate literally to its figurative counterpart. As sagitta pointed out, "there is" is already expressed just by "є." Thus, the word "там" doesn't clarify the meaning, but rather ADDS to it, suggesting that "there is something THERE."


I just noticed, what you did is you simply translated every word in the English sentence, word for word. Translating every word in a sentence ≠ translating a sentence.

The typical order in Ukrainian is "Place + є + X" for "There is + X + place".

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