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What does the "M" mean in the thai flash cards?

So in the Thai flash cards https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/16c73a1a-57ec-460e-97b1-932fa3da1634

it says

gaw gai | กอ ไก' | M g- -k

I have no idea what the "M" means

thanks in advanced

August 6, 2017



I took a look at it. These cards aren't exactly clear.... I would have at least made a code card that users can "hide" after they take a good look at it.

My guess would be some sort of tone system but I only see three letters. (Thai has five tones).

Here, this Memrise course is what I've been using: https://www.memrise.com/course/102400/thai-alphabet-no-typing/


From the website you linked:

[a mnemonic for remembering the middle-class consonants in Thai] "Chicken pecks a child to death over the mouth of a clay pot."

Boy howdy, that takes language learning mnemonics to a whole new level.

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