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  5. "Чекай! Я забула парасолю."

"Чекай! Я забула парасолю."

Translation:Wait! I forgot the umbrella.

August 6, 2017



Why not "Wait! I forgot the umbrella."?


Sounds much more natural! I added it to the translations, I guess it was overlooked.

I even think it should be the main translation rather than then one with "an", really sounds unnatural.


I agree that "the umbrella" and "an umbrella" should both be accepted, but I disagree that "the" sounds more natural here than "an." As a native English speaker translating this sentence, I immediately pictured myself leaving the house and saying to my wife, "Wait! I forgot an umbrella!"


Hmm, but to your friend you would say "I forgot the umbrella!" since you have only one with you at a time (usually) and since you don't share any umbrellas with your friend like you would with your wife to pick "an" umbrella from :D

OK, I can make it to be equally probable for "an" and "the" to be displayed in this exercise.

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