"Akzeptieren Sie Kreditkarten?"

Çeviri:Siz kredi kartlarını kabul ediyor musunuz?

August 6, 2017

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Tartışma kilitli.


kredi kartilarını neden değil?


"...In this skill, you will encounter your first Turkish noun compounds. A noun compound is when you combine two nouns to create something with a new meaning (i.e. birth+day=birthday). Forming these in Turkish will be easy using the knowledge that you already have up to this point.

All you have to do is put two nouns next to each other and add the possessive suffix on the second noun. There is no suffix on the first word..."


"...When you own multiples of the same thing, you will use the plural suffix. The plural suffix comes before the possessive suffixes. ... If you attach any other case suffix to a noun with a possessive suffix, it will always come after the possessive suffix. They will also obey vowel harmony according to the last vowel in the whole word. If you add a case to a noun with the 3rd person possessive suffix, it will always have a buffer -n-. This buffer -n- can lead to ambiguities with the second person possessive suffix. Here are some examples of nouns in the accusative case with a possessive suffix...

(Onun) kahveleri (without accusative) (Onun) kahvelerini (with accusative) His/Her/Its coffees..."



Thank you for your answer. It is clear now. Why you are writing me in English now? No problem, just wondering about.


Eigentlich nur, weil ich die Erklärung aus den Lektionshinweisen vom Baum Tr von En zusammenkopiert habe, die waren schon Englisch ;)


kein Problem, schön, daß Sie wieder da sind

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