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90 Day Challenge Week 9 Updates

Hello challengers and those following the challenge!

To those participating, post your week 9 updates below!

This week, I learned nature vocabulary, feelings, and some more grammar, including the conditional tense. I have definitely gotten more relaxed about taking notes during this second month, compared to when I started the challenge.

What have you learned this week? Now that two months have gone by, are you generally happy with your progress? Is there anything you will do differently during this third month?

August 6, 2017



I'm not sure that this is exactly relevant to this challenge since I've been studying Greek for just over a month now, but I would like to report on my progress nonetheless!

Recently I have learnt Adjectives, more Present Tense verbs, and some very useful House vocabulary. My progress is much slower with the Greek tree because I want to give the information time to absorb better into my memory.

I have been learning so much, and in watching a film dubbed in Greek audio (Alice through the Looking Glass), I have been thrilled to have been able to recognise a fair amount of Greek grammar, vocabulary and verb conjugations in the dialogue! As always, I do not add the subtitles, mostly becasue they often do not match the spoken dialogue, but more so because it forces and trains the ears and brain to corroborate the knowledge that you have with what you're hearing.

I prefer to write my notes on loose sheets of paper, so as to keep the parts of speech and certain types of vocabulary separate. When I finish the Tree, I will input everything into a digital document, which in itself will serve as a great method of revision.

As for your Polish, it seems that you are well on your way and that you're streamlining your personal technique as you go along. Just continue to improve the methods that work for you, and remember to keep on revising!


I am so excited for you and how much you're learning! It's motivating me to want to learn Greek. I will have to try really hard not to since I want to focus on Japanese or Korean (at least on Duolingo) after this! I really can't wait to dive into other Polish resources. You seem to be learning a lot from the Greek tree! That's great that you're already trying to watch Greek dubbed movies. Where did you find Alice through the Looking Glass? Putting everything in one document is a great idea! I had considered doing that, but decided to go the route of taking physical notes in a notebook. However, my notes are never super neat and I like being organized haha Keep up the good work! Your progress is motivating (:


I live in South Africa, so I suppose that the DVDs that we import were designed to cater to a European audience (judging by the audio and the subtitle dubbed tracks, e.g. French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, and even a couple of other Slavic languages).

So I rent new releases that indicate my target language's dubbed audio on the cover. Once they have been released for a year or so, they become much cheaper to buy, and so I buy the releveant ones for less than a third of the release price at some stores here.


Aw man! In the U.S., audio is typically available in Spanish or French, in addition to English. I usually have to go looking online for dubbed movies! You're lucky!


Last week I was learning only first four days (then I was on a bike trip so I didn't learn much). I've learnt some adjectives, preverbs and some grammar constructions.

I'm not sure how much I've already leant (I still think there is a lot to do). However this challenge gives me motivation to learn. And I think I have now some "intuition" to understand Hungarian sentences.

Edit: I'm now in a half of Hungarian course.


Even four days of learning is better than none (: Congratulations on getting through half of the Hungarian course! You're making lots of progress, especially on a language that can seem very difficult to many people (: I've found that after doing lessons over and over, and even seeing certain structures again in later lessons, I start to understand them more and gain some of the intuition you mentioned!


Of course the other three days I was learning too. But only I little. That's why I wrote that I was learning only three days :)

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