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Thank you for giving such wonderful information.

I have been reviewing my French tree by strengthening, starting at the very beginning of the French tree. I have learned so much from Tips and Notes that I had not learned the first time through. I finally understand that Ce is used before etre words and that Ils and Elles are used before avoir words. You might ask how I finished the French tree and not know this basic fact. I wondered also :-) I realized that I simply copied the correct answer and moved on.

Presently I am going through animals. The Tips and Notes are so amazing in this skill. I just had to say THANK YOU !!!!!

I wanted to write this Thank You note where people discuss problems but I could not find a discussion that wasn't locked. I saw Sitesurf on a discussion so I pushed their name and found no way to communicate with them. Therefore, I came here to say THANK YOU !!!!!

Would anyone else like to say Thank You to the wonderful people who help us learn the languages we desire to learn. All languages are welcome ! :-)

August 6, 2017



Thanks for sharing this. I'm guilty of not using the Tips and Notes, and I have always been puzzled why "ce" is used sometimes and "il(s) / elle(s)" are used other times.


Thank you for responding and saying this! :-) I must tell you that I was a very confused person ;) At first I thought that plural pronouns used Ce. However, half of the plurals were getting marked wrong! ? My motto seems to be, "When all else fails, read the directions" Well, I am so glad I read tips and notes again. There is so much information, I don't think anyone gets it all with just one read. I do hope we cross paths again :-)


You might want to read the tips again:

être + determiner = ce
être + adjective or adverb = il(s)/elle(s)

With exceptions, of course.


Thank you for the information :) I will read the tips again. I like the, "With exceptions of course" ;)


Duolingo is a sincere web site.


Hi Polly!!! I am so happy to talk with you again! :-) How are the pyramids doing? ;) We seem to have lost touch. Let's practice our French together :) Have you finished the French tree? Did you know when to use ce? I love that some Canadians have commented! My goal is to one day order McDonald's in Montreal in French :-) This might seem like a strange goal but I have a couple of reasons why this is true. First, I have always loved the sound of the French language. Second, I live in the state of Wisconsin which is very close to the Canadian boarder. Third, I found out from Dave, (Spyrunner), that only the most proficient French speakers are allowed to order in the 'French only' line at MDonald's in Montreal. I do hope that I will pull this off ;) fingers crossed I hope all is well with you Polly smiling Later...


High Dreaming Odelia: Je suis ravi de savoir que vous êtes de l'état «anti-esclavagiste». Je sais que votre état est l'état des laiteries et du fromage à l'intérieur des États-Unis. En ce qui concerne l'arbre français: oh oui, j'ai orné l'arbre et demandé au salon De la renommée. En ce qui concerne les pyramides, vous êtes les bienvenus à l'Egypte où vous pouvez plonger les pharaoiniques. J'admire le Canada pour sa politique modérée, ses vastes terres, peu d'habitants et une économie énorme.


Yup - the T&N are really helpful. I always read it after I finish the skill, just like how DL said to in the first Note. It really takes hard work to build something like this - thanks guyz :)


I would also recommend reading the discussion for each question. Or were you also suggesting that you did that?


Thanks for this thread DreamingOdelia! I also think the French course is wonderful, the Tips & Notes add so much to the course, and all the hard work Sitesurf and others put into answering question makes it just that much richer. I also wish I'd studied the Tips & Notes more closely from the beginning. It's an amazing course, thank you so much to everyone who contributed to it!


Although this has not much to do with the descussion, what are these ;) and :-) for? I have seen them much in this descusion


Just tilt your head to the left, you'll understand. :-P

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