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  5. "The cook needs long spoons."

"The cook needs long spoons."

Translation:Đầu bếp cần những chiếc muỗng dài.

August 7, 2017



Solution seems to require cái or chiếc, this is inconsistent with other solutions where a plural only requires những or các with no classifier. Is there some reason for this or should it be fixed?

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Should “đầu bếp cần muỗng dài” be accepted?


I thought it should be, because I took 'long spoons' to mean any long spoons in general, rather than particular long spoons. I'm going to have to review plurals, I think, or maybe someone can explain why it isn't accepted.


you need nhung because the sentence is talking about plural form. Without that word, the sentence becomes a singular form


as i understand it, những/các + classifier = plural; only classifier = the; nothing in front = to form a generall statement


I think "cái muôi" is more acceptable here

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