"Ai là chỉ huy của căn cứ này?"

Translation:Who is the commander of this base?

August 7, 2017

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chỉ huy 指揮

  • Mandarin zhǐhuī
  • Cantonese zi2 fai1
  • Hakka (Sixian) chṳ́-fî
  • Minnan chí-hui

căn cứ 根據

  • Mandarin gēnjù
  • Cantonese gan1 geoi3
  • Hakka (Sixian) kîn-kí
  • Minnan kin-kì/kun-kù


I thought that chỉ huy is the verb meaning to command. In this sentence, chỉ huy means commander, a noun. Why doesn't it need sự before it to show that it is a noun or would that make it mean the command?? Thank you.

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