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Laddering: question about the language you learn another language from

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. :)

I simply have one quick question reagarding laddering...

When you ladder a language, do you have to sign out of anything to do the course you want to from any language that's not English? Or will it be alongside the other languages you're learning from English? I ask because I started French from Italian a year ago, but I deleted it because I had to switch the app's/websites language from English to Italian in order to do my French from Italian every time I wanted to study French...

Thank you so very much!

August 7, 2017



Not anymore. Now (as of now, only on the home screen you can switch between language interfaces) you can see all your languages there. Even reverse trees. Great update.


Beautiful! Simply marvelous. Thank you!! :D

Is there any way I could transfer my progress in any of the languages from English to any other language I want to learn one of my languages on?


No, you can't transfer. You have to start from scratch.


Not a problem for me. I feel like a fresh new start is exactly what I need. :)

Thank you very much!!! :D


To add on, if you hover of the course flag on the top of the page, it'll display all of the courses, even ones from different base languages. But this won't work in the discussion forums or the words section (the easy switching between reverse courses) because these sections were not updated with the new version of the website.

Still, good luck!:D


Oh, man.. That's too bad. :( I sure do hope they upgrade that soon!...

But other than that, this reassurance was all I needed! :) I'm just so glad that once I start laddering, there won't be that one hassle anymore! And even though I'll have to delete all of these languages (except for Italian, or course) and start from scratch and add two each time I finish the trees slowly, it'll all be well worth it! :)

Thank you both so much again!!! :D And good luck with your languages!!!


Thanks for the encouragement, and I wish you luck too.


You have to plan your laddering right too. Make sure you can learn each language from each other. Greek and Russian are probably only available from English.


I already have: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23879825

Yes, you're probably right about Russian and Greek. But you never know in about six years or so what could happen!....

I was surprised when I didn't see Portuguese for Italian speakers. Well, Spanish for Italian speakers isn't done yet... Will they ever make the course soon? I wonder...


Russian is also available from German, Spanish and French :-)

Edit: brain fart... I have the 4 owls from Russian, not 4 Russian owls :-/


You are right, Greek is only available from English, and not vice-versa. Russian is available for English speakers, and English for Russian speakers, and both courses are quite good.


No, Russian is only available in English. It's hatching in Spanish, and hasn't even been started for German.

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