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20 day streak!!

Last time I couldn't keep the streak going but I'm so excited I made it to 20 days now. German can be so challenging sometimes but it's pretty great when you see a little progress.

Thanks for the support. Auf Wiedersehen Camila

August 7, 2017



That's great, Camila! I am going to give you 10 lingots so that you can spend 5 lingots on buying a streak freeze which will protect your streak if you fail to complete you goal XP before the day is out. (Can only be used once) If you fail to complete your XP one day and use your streak freeze you will have to pay another 5 lingots to buy another streak freeze. Just like Insurance, you must buy it ahead and have it sitting there in case you need it. Lower your daily goal XP but still do the higher amount that you have currently nominated. I have nominated 20XP per day but most days I do more than 40. The odd extremely busy day I have done just 20 to keep my streak. By having this challenge you will make yourself find those minutes to do your language learning every day!


Yep! That's what I do. It's really effective and does help. :D


That's marvelous! I'm so happy for you!! Keep it going and never let that fire burn out!! :D


Du hast noch einen weiten Weg vor dir, liebe Camila. Aber lass dich davon nicht entmutigen.


Maybe Camila does or maybe they do not, they're just commenting on how long a streak they've managed this time around :D It's easier for many people to lose a long streak than to keep it going (I was 2 days away from 100 ;_;), especially if you decide to set yourself a high daily xp goal :/


Danke everyone! the support from the Duo community definitely makes it easier to keep going! =)


Fab! Getting to milestones is awesome :D

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Just gave you 20 lingots, keep up!

[deactivated user]

    keep it up my friend this work will pay off


    Gut gemacht!


    Besonders gut!

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