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"Jeg tror at han kender sandheden."

Translation:I think that he knows the truth.

August 7, 2017



"Tell me the truth, you sand-hed!"


You can't handle the truth


Sorry if this is old news, but why is "kender" used here and not "ved"? I thought "kender" was used for people and whatnot, kind of like "conocer" in Spanish?


This is part of the "whatnot", I guess. :)

There is a whole lot that requires at kende. Generally, kende is used for things you're familiar with, and vide with facts, but I'd expand that a bit: use kende with nouns as the object: "Jeg kender svaret" - "I know the answer"; "Kender du tallene?" - "Do you know the numbers?"; "Vi kender denne historie" - "We know this story."

With vide on the other hand, there is most often a clause following: "Jeg ved, hvordan hun hedder" - "I know how she is called"; "Ved du, hvor mange mennesker var der?" - "Do you know how many people were there?"; "Vi ved at du gerne vil fortælle det." - "We know that you want to tell about it."


why is ''tror''used here without ''på'' ?

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