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Looking at hints...

does it influence the app's algorithm in any way? Does it slow down your progress? Not in a psychological way, I mean in respect to the app- i.e. do you have to redo exercise more often, do you have to do more questions per "skill" chapter etc.?

August 7, 2017



People say that skills lose their golden state faster if you use hints. But I have never seen anybody really measuring it.


The Duolingo Wiki is a good source for finding answers to this kind of queetions.
Please read "http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Decay#Decay

The decay rate of a word depends on several factors:

  • .........
  • Peeking - the number of times the user "peeks" at the meaning of a word during lessons and practices
  • .........

The better the learner seems to know a word based on the above criteria, the more slowly that word's strength will decay, and therefore the longer it will be before the learner is prompted to practice it again. Conversely, the worse the learner seems to know a word based on those criteria, the faster its strength will decay and the sooner they will be prompted to practice it again.

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