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"Wir benutzen die Scheren nicht."

Translation:We do not use the scissors.

March 28, 2014



what is the difference between "benutzen" and "nutzen"?


Typically you can use nutzen when you use something abstract like wissen (knowledge). Benutzen when you use something concrete like scissors in this example


'We do not use the shears' should be accepted.


Agreed and reported.


Why is it Scheren? It seems to me this sentence only makes sense for a single pair of scissors. In English you would say something like "we do not use any of the scissors" if there were several pair involved.


I'm not going to comment the English sentence but the German sentence is strictly about multiple pairs of scissors. A possible context would be a preschool teacher who tells the children what tools to use for certain handcrafts.


So if robinj is right about the English usage, that means the translation is wrong and should be reported.


But wouldn't 'any of the scissors' be 'keine Scheren'?


robinj is not right. The English sentence can easily refer to multiple pairs of scissors and still make sense because the subject is "we" and it is unlikely they would have all been using the same pair of scissors. We don't have to worry about this distinction in English because the singular and plural of "scissors" are the same and the ambiguity is inconsequential.


As a native english speaker I could see saying "We do not use the scissors" whether I was talking about one pair or multple pairs (say for an entire class). Whether there is one pair or multiple would depend on the context. Leaving out the "the" would sound better when not referring to a specific pair, but again it depends on context.


die schere and die scheren means the same thing?


No, die Schere is one pair of scissors. die Scheren is its plural, multiple pairs of scissors.


Aaaah. Danke.


"We don't make use of the scissors" should be correct no?


Technically yes, but generally I think "use" works better than "make use of". To me, "make use of" often has the implication that whatever is being used would otherwise go to waste or is a substitute for something more desirable that isn't available. It's also unnecessarily wordy in most situations.


"Schere Nicht" and "Scheren Nicht" sound almost identical because of the "n" in "nicht," and it's impossible to figure it out from the context. If a couple adjectives were added (for instance, "die grosse schwartzen Scheren" as opposed to "die grosse schwartze Schere') there would be some kind of clue.


I translated it as "we are not using the scissors"...marked wrong. I don't see how you can tell the difference from the German...without context?! If there's some other way to say "we are not using the scissors", could a German speaker please advise??


It is accepted as correct now (12/Jan/2018)


Is is appropriate to say "We do not use scissors?" Or is an article required?


In this sentence, including the article gives the most accurate translation, but the difference is rather subtle. With the article, we're speaking about a particular pair of scissors, but without, it would be more indicative of not using scissors at all. In that case, I would use for the German: "Wir benutzen keine Scheren."


Wann sagt man "die Scheren" und wann sagt man "die Schere"?


Falls man hat eins: die Schere. Falls man hat zwei oder mehr: die Scheren.


I think new translations should be updated !


i hate how precise you need to make the english translation so that it fits the narrow understanding of the language by the beginner programmers of this website. you guys really could have done a ton better

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