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I want to go to Ireland, but learn some things about it first

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I am planning a trip to Dublin in the future. I do not have any friends there, and I am going on this trip by myself. My English isn't the greatest and I have a strong Dutch accent. I have a little trouble understanding the Irish accent, and would like to get better at this. I want to learn some typical Irish words, want to know about the culture and not make a fool of myself! Sorry if this isn't the right page to ask these things. Where do I start?

August 7, 2017



Unless you're spending a lot of time in the Gaeltach, you're much more likely to encounter English as a tourist in Ireland. Irish may be an official language, but it's one that very few Irish people speak with any degree of comprehension. You'd probably be wiser to strengthen your English.


Given that OP is concerned about their accent and their ability to understand an Irish accent in English, I took them to mean Irish English -- in the same way that a Brit might want to learn "some typical American words" before travelling to the US, so that they're not given the wrong thing when they want to buy chips or pants (and/or so that they know what Wisconsinites are talking about when they mention bubblers).


You can search everything on the internet :) I will give you some tips that maybe help.. I'm Dutch to but I never had an accent because I already spoke English when I was very young xD

You can also take the Irish course and subscribe some youtubers with Irish accent and if its very difficult for you to understand it, I would try to put the subtitles on (I recommend English subtitles). Maybe you can do that first? Also, If you did this you can Practice speak to yourself some words or phrases that are very difficult for you to say ;D

You can repeat some words until you say it right? I don't know if that works, there are also some Youtube videos who can teach you how to lose youre accent in English.

Maybe check this website out: https://www.smartling.com/blog/70-irish-slang-words-phrases-you-need-to-know/ You can also search something about the culture? :)


You know the way you have some "in jokes" with your friends, or there are some slang words that were used in your high school that your cousins that went to another school didn't understand? At least a third of the "slang words" on that list fall into that category - local or semi-private slang that the vast majority of Irish people would assume was Dutch slang if EliseVermeer tried to use them on her trip to Ireland, and most of the rest aren't particularly Irish (mad as a box of frogs?) or are extremely unlikely to be useful to someone who isn't a bit of a gurrier in the first place (plugged for pregnant? There's a very narrow demographic for that usage, and most of them don't live in Ireland). Maybe 10-20 of the words on that list might be words that a visitor would come across, and might be helpful to know.


I recently spent a week in Ireland with my partner and parents. We rented a car and spent a week driving the countryside. We saw many parts of Ireland and also were in Dublin for two days at the end of the trip. The only language I ever heard was English. Some of the signage, especially road signage, is printed in both English and Gaelic; but I don't recall ever hearing anyone speaking Gaelic.

I don't know Dutch culture, so I'm not sure what parts of the culture may be new or different for you in Ireland. I'm Canadian, and there was nothing that I found that strange or different. We were friendly, polite, respectful and quiet; and we found the Irish to be warm, friendly and welcoming.

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