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Taking out the middle man

If you are learning 2 languages, I HIGHLY recommend choosing the one you know better and making that "your language" to learn the other one. You stop translating and start simply understanding. I am doing this from French to Spanish. I can't wait to go from Spanish to French. Duolingo is fabulous! I am going to Bordeaux in a few weeks and can't wait!!!

August 7, 2017



Thank you for that! Have an amazing time in Bordeaux and good luck with your French and Spanish!! :D

Amazing streak, by the way!!... :O


Thats 3.536986 years!


Yep! So, about 3 years and a half! Outstanding!!!


I hope I get that far!


You will! Just keep it up!! :D

I hope I do too. XD


Just take one day at a time. You will.


Good idea; thanks! And have fun in Bordeaux!


This is often named "laddering" on discussion forums: [google:] "site:duolingo.com laddering"

Did you know that you can hear L2 Spanish or French answers if you install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer", even for normal/forward courses?

So with laddering and Duo's mixed translation excercises you will sometimes get right hand side (L2) translations and you can auto-play that French/Spanish audio (on the right translation box after writing the answer) ;)

This even works for multiple-choice and fill in the blank excercises!

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