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August 7, 2017



I don't get it, can anybody explain to me the word order?


Must have been Friday at 4:50 PM.


Why do some months take the like der März or der April but not November?


I keep getting two questions to translate "November" from English to German, but with two different answers; "Im November" and "In November". Neither answer was acceptable to the other.

I can't figure out why these are different or not acceptable answers for each translation, nor could I work out when to translate to either from just "November". Can anyone else explain? My german friend says they're identical to them?


well, "im November" means "in November," while "November" just means "November." They're asking for the translation for the name of the month.


Then how do I know if they are asking me to translate the German word November into English or translate the English word November into German? This is getting so hard!


Because it says in large bold text either

“Write this sentence in German” or
“Write this sentence in English”

And if you mistakenly translate the word »November« to “November” or vice versa, then you, at most, will be the only to know.


Sometimes, it shows up in word match and I have no idea whether to match the German to the English or vice versa because I can't tell which is which.

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