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Pronunciation of FORTE.

Duolingo sometimes pronounces the French word "forte" as for-TAY. This needs to be corrected. (It appears to happen most often when the word is said alone, or is at the end of the sentence).

August 7, 2017


[deactivated user]

    "Forte" is pronounced like "fort" the "o" is pronounced like that : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-mid_back_rounded_vowel

    Unlike the masculine form "fort", you pronounced the "t" for the feminine form "forte".


    I think they know and are reporting an error, rather than asking a question.


    Absolutely. What is the best way to report this error so that Duolingo will correct it?


    When you do the exercise, there should be a report an error button.


    I used the button. I just hope they pay attention, as the error is very bad. : )


    you just say it: for, with a rolling 'r'. Not for-tay.


    I know. (I just hope Duolingo corrects THEIR pronunciation error).


    When you say "forte" you must place a certain emphasis on the last t, that sometimes may sound like for-teh. But I don't think that a vowel can sound AY in French since French vowels don't make diphthongs but have a "pure"sound AFAIK

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