"He owns animals."

Translation:Il possède des animaux.

August 7, 2017

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je possède tu possèdes il possède nous possédons vous possédez ils possèdent


Why does the accent change from acute accent on the infinitive form 'posséder' but change to a grave accent on the singular agreements? je possède tu possèdes il possède

Is there also a change in the way the sound is pronounced?


Yes, exactly. It's because of the pronunciation. 1st group verbs with an acute accent in the penultimate syllable changes the accent to a grave one when the last E is not pronounced. (Verbs of this for +consonant+er become +consonant+e(s)). It's because you can't have an acute accent in a close syllable (one which ends with a consonant), thus you can't pronounce posséde. It would be weird and difficult for French people to say it.


Thank you. That was very useful.


Ce sont en fait ses enfants!


Why isn't "il est en possession des animaux" correct?

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