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The meaning of these song lyrics.

Hello. What are the meaning of these particular song lyrics?: "Que t'as perdu la raison, alors t'encaisses, mais fonce en te taisant". Thank you very much for your help.

August 7, 2017



That you've lost your mind, so you bear up, but charge without talking.


There was 'On chuchotte' before 'que t(u) as perdu la raison' (by the way, 't'as' is the colloquial contraction of 'tu as').

'Rumour has it that you've lost your mind, so you endure it, but you keep going without a word.'

It is often useless to try to translate song lyrics. They generally make no sense, there are puns, weird phrasing, original use of words, grammar mistakes in the original lyrics and even more in the various transcriptions. For this song, I have found a version with 'pas ta trac'; it should have been 'patatrac', a variant of 'patatras'.


Thank you very much, you’re comment on translating song lyrics was insightful.

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