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Nivå sytten i Norsk!

Does anyone ever confuse words from different languages? I feel confident enough in Norwegian to begin German, but I am not sure if I should begin French as well. Could someone give advice on this?

August 7, 2017



Gratulerer med innsatsen! :) du har gjort - og gjør - en god jobb når du har nådd nivå 17 i norsk. Jeg blir glad når jeg ser at noen har valgt å lære seg mitt morsmål.


While I know many people who do many different languages and never get them confused, I occasionally get French and Spanish confused. However, those are rather similar languages, and German and French aren't that similar. Just because I have a hard time with two languages doesn't mean you will, so in short, feel free to do both if you want.


Considering that Norwegian and German are both Germanic languages, and that French is a Romance language, you're probably not going to have problems confusing them. If you feel ready to begin learning a third language, then go for it. And if it gets to hard, you can always hold French for later.


Hi!!! I am french and i have been learning norsk for several years now (from english of course...). I think you can start french if you want because both languages have few in common (except some words which are the same in both languages so it does not bother!!) German is maybe closer so i think it could be more confusing... But you can try anyway!!!! Good Luck!

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