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Finished the French tree!

Having started with Duolingo almost four years ago, I came back to it to finish. With only the last 10 to 12 skills to go, I started back at the beginning and went through every exercise, copied all the notes, and read many of the discussions. I have kept a Word file of French to English and English to French with grammar and vocabulary. There has always been a collection of small "sticky notes" on my computer screen such as "quelques" and "plusiers" and "tant de" serving as reminders. It has been encouraging to find that although the sentences and styles may have been changed, most of the 2,775+ words are still in my brain.

Although I am glad to join the "Owl Club" I know that this is only a step to fluency. The assistance of native speakers and their willingness to answer the same questions in the discussions has been invaluable. I am a big believer in this amazing learning tool with its flexibility and daily email reminders.

Thank you Duolingo and all those who help along the way! I will regularly refresh my French and start in earnest my Spanish. Merci mille fois!

August 7, 2017



Congratulations; being committed and dedicated to finish the entire course take a lot of effort! Bonne chance; I'm sure you'll continue to do amazing in the future! :D


Congratulations! Finishing the tree is great. But if you keep going and do "strengthen skills, you will find that the program has a lot more depth. New words and sentences will be introduced. I have over 40,000 xp and still am getting new words and more complex sentences.


Thank you for the encouragement! After a brief introduction to Spanish, I want to retreat to the familiar French quite often. Also, listening to French radio, reading French books, receiving a daily email from Transparent Language (also free), and a subscription to Bien Dire round out my current French arsenal of support. Of course, Duolingo's experts and other "learners" add to my knowledge.

Thanks to all who have commented and given me a virtual pat on the back.


I met a person in Montreal who is now living there and has a job which means she needs to speak french. After using Duolingo, she added "Hello Talk". It is an App for your phone which you use to connect with a french speaker who wants to learn English. You can text, leave voice messages, and speak via wifi. It is free and worth a look.


I will add this app - merci beaucoup, Denis.


Congratulations! I am doing a very similar study of french, taking notes, reading the comments, etc., and have found it to be very helpful. Thanks for listing what additional materials you are using. Wishing you every success on your continuing adventures with language learning!


Félicitations. Vous m'avez juste prouvé, qu'avec le temps et l'effort vous pouvez atteindre n'importe quel but. Entretenez le bon travail! ;)

Congratulations. You've just proven to me, that with time and effort you can achieve any goal. Keep up the good work! ;)


I will finish france tree one day . I want to work in France. J'adore tres France. La france est tres belle. vous le succès .Je dis toujours ; Vive La France


Salut ! Je voulais juste vous feliciter apres avoir atteint un tel niveau de francais,et egalement ,je voudrais vous souhaiter tout le succes que vous meritez pour l,avenir. Bonne continuation !



[deactivated user]

    wow good job i am still learning french i am level 5 what about you guys?


    felicitations et bonne chance :D


    whoop whoop! congratulations!


    Congratulations and a good job! This is super inspiring, and I'm glad you've continued with your language! Bonne chance; au revoir!


    Congratulations!! You're awesome:) I have just finished my English tree, too. Thanks Duolingo and all those who help along the way:D


    Well, congratulations to YOU and for that you deserve a Lingot! Bravo!


    wow ! many congrats for you !


    Gracias/Merci beaucoup, Yin


    you are welcome. Fighting!!!

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