"Cartoful copt e bun cu pui."

Translation:The baked potato is good with chicken.

August 7, 2017

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The spoken pronunciation in the app is very poor on this one.


"copt" can also be translated as "ripe" in other sentences. How do you tell the difference? In the context of something like meat I imagine it would be easy to tell, as you generally don't say meat is "ripe," but I could imagine saying potatoes are ripe.


Is it OK to translate this as "Baked potato is good with chicken" using the definite article to suggest the entire class of food? If so, this would be similar to French where: "Le cidre est bon avec le porc." would mean "Cider is good with pork."


I have no sound for the speech on anything but hear the bleeps and pings and the trumpets. Has anyone else had this?

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