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"Ich gebe es an die Küche weiter "

I found that sentence in a dialogue where the customer was complaining about how salty the soup was and that was the waiter response .

So my question is : Does this sentence means that the waiter will inform the kitchen that the soup was salty or that he will take the soup to the kitchen ?

August 7, 2017



It's the former.


Thanks !

But then he will get me a new one , right ? XD ( This is more of a question about German restaurants than the Language .. but c'mon both are important to me :D


Well, I'd certainly hope so, but then again Germany is not exactly famous for its customer service. You might have to actually ask for a new bowl in order for them to get the hint :)


That hurts :-( Thanks :D


I agree with christian that weitergeben here means "pass it on, relay" and refers to the information, not the soup.

i.e. "I'll let the kitchen know"


Great question! The phrase means "I'll give it to the kitchen" In english, so one who does not natively speak German or does not know the language well enough would probably infer that it means they will do both inform the kitchen AND take the soup to the kitchen. I hope that helps!


but it only means that he will inform the kitchen , right ? This is nuts , I am at the end , the waitress should take my soup back to kitchen and gives me a new one , right ?


If the waiter was talking about the soup, he would say "Ich bringe sie zurück in die Küche."


It essentially means he's "passing it on to the kitchen". Meaning he'll take it to the kitchen and relay the problem


It does not necessarily mean that he takes the soup to the kitchen, see comments by Mizinamo and christian. It could even mean that the customer was very satisfied with his/her dish and told the waiter. Then the waiter answers: "Ich gebe es an die Küche weiter."


Thanks for your answer !

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