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  5. "I like soccer."

"I like soccer."

Translation:Мені подобається футбол.

August 7, 2017



Why isnt it "Я люблю футбол"?


Подобаться hasn't appeared until now for me and when tapping the sentence to learn more it doesn't present itself as a possible answer. This is an unfair question.


this question is really unfair to put in the word bank a word we've never seen before and expect us to know how to use it :(


What is подобається? This is the only time I've ever seen it. And why мені and not я? Isn't it the wrong case? Has anybody seen this phrase ever? Duolingo likes to repeat things; this just came out of the blue and disappeared. It seems to be a mistake.


подобатися is lo like, but it is a difficult expression to master, because this:

мені подобається футбол

is literally translated as:

to me (it is enjoyable) football

Or something like this.

Hence "мені" and not I, because мені is the object here, not the subject, and "football" is the subject.

Seeing that you're also studying Spanish, "мені подобається" works exactly the same as "me gusta" in Spanish.

I like football = Me gusta el fútbol = Мені подобається футбол

Note what we do when the thing we like is in plural:

I like cats - Me gustan los gatos - Мені подобаються коти

Note that both in Spanish and in Ukrainian the verb changed to reflect the plurality because, again, in both Spanish and Ukrainian the subject of the sentence is los gatos/коти, even though they're at the end.

Hope that helped.

Having said all that, Я люблю футбол would also be a valid translation here, but мені подобається is such a common expression in Ukrainian it's really worth mastering.


Whenever podobayetsya is used .....the subject is changed into dative case. And hence мені not я. While люблю and подобається have the same meaning. For lyblyu use nominative and for podobayetsya use dative for the subject.


Here meni is kinda passive form


i didn't like "мати" but i thought the two other options can't be right since i haven't seen "подобаться" before hhhh .. i could guess it means favorit now


Wow. Maybe duo should be teaching what ifs common to begin with, yeah?


I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you saying the expression for "I like" is something Duo should not be teaching but it should be teaching something that is more common? "I like" is literally one of the most common and useful expressions ever, especially for beginners.

I might have misunderstood you though.


So sorry, yes. I should have been more clear. I was responding to other comments about мені подобається being a more common term than Я люблю. That if that was more commonly used in Ukrainian, than Duo should have been teaching us that instead or for the majority. Thank you for checking on clarification. :)


Sorry for that. Your original comment appears to be an independent comment and not an answer to another comment, so it was easy to get confused :)

In any case, I don't think "Мені подобається" is universally more common than "Я люблю", it really depends what you're talking about :) Both of those expressions are extremely common.

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