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The wall has been reached

I have hit a massive and seemingly insurmountable wall with my learning. Just absolutely frustrated. Any tips for getting over it? I've been going strong for about three weeks (I know, not very long compared to most), but got to the Infinitive lesson today and felt like I have never seen the French language before. I even backed up several lessons and still feel the same. I may be losing brain power. Help!

August 7, 2017



Breathe, relax. I think we have all felt that way at one time or perhaps many times. I can remember thinking I just cannot do this. If you have not been spending time reading through the comments, try doing so. They are usually helpful and you will find that others have made the same mistakes. If you post a question, somebody will help you. There are moderators who will answer you as well. Eventually, your brain will adjust and you will understand and will be able to progress.


Bonjour landmers

I have hit many walls in my learning of French, at present I am about 3/4 through the tree having started back in November 2016. I am also a similar amount through the reverse tree.

No magic solutions, I repeat lessons and I do new lessons.

I have however found that parts of the tree I originally found very difficult to complete are a lot easier when I am reviewing them to re-gild my tree months later. It is not that I have got smarter, I think it is that time has allowed the French to sink into my brain.

If I can offer some advise, a little bit of duolingo every day is much better than no duolingo, at times it is hard to appreciate and recognise the small advances that we make in our language learning every day.

Also try other learning resources for variety, I use Memrise


Ah, websites: conjuguemos.com (great practice for verbs/verb tenses) memrise.com (pick a course and get started, mostly for vocabulary) quizlet.com (again vocabulary I suggest you check out the user sunrisedancer, they've got some good study lists) french TEX (pop it into google, they explain how to do verb tenses, as well as give you practice with them-GREAT SITE PLEASE USE) BBC Languages-french (got some slang, etc. on here to help diversify your language learning) and finally lyricstraining.com (listen to music through your head phones and learn a language that way, the goal of the game is to write down the song lyrics as you hear them, different levels of difficulty)

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