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I may be late to the party but, why exactly did they turn off "Immersion"?

It was a great f-ing way for a not-so-advanced learner to improve their skills. I used to translate dozens of articles in a weekend. I didn't even use the main learning system anymore, because Immersion I learned so much more in less time, and it was more fun.

I searched for why they turned it off but didn't get any satisfactory answer. Has anyone figured out why duolingo did it?

August 7, 2017



It was way too much of a strain on the system, about 0.05% of users actually used it, there were copyright issues and it was full of spam


Apparently only about 1% of users actually used it. Someone also mentioned a large sum of spam being dumped into immersion. Everyone who knew about it and liked it are still rather upset about it.


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Has anyone figured out why duolingo did it?

See the Support Pages' article "What happened to Immersion?".

I searched for why they turned it off but didn't get any satisfactory answer.

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I think the other answers were pretty much correct. DL folks said it wasn't worth the work and many issues that came with it.


I only heard about it from other users, but from what I heard, there was an extreme amount of spamming, plagiarism, and cheating. Just way too much. It sounded like a great way to learn though, not including the spamming. The post that announced it's end had over 1100 downvotes. I hope this helps.

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