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How long should it take for me to finish my tree?

I am a student just now starting French 1 at school. I am wanting to become fluent in French, and I was curious as to how long it will take on average to become fluent. I also want to know how long I should spend on each section of the tree, and how long it should take for me to finish my tree. I want to keep it golden, and I want to take my time, but at the same time, I am very eager to learn French. Thank you for your time, and sorry for my poor typing! :D

August 8, 2017



It takes everyone a different amount of time to learn a language, that being said there's not really an average amount of time that it takes to become fluent. Spend more time on the verb tenses of the tree than on the vocabulary, until you can form sentences well enough. Use conjuguemos.com for more practice on verb tenses. Also use the reverse tree (select I speak french and complete the english tree) as that will make you type more french rather than translating french to english. It's normally taken me several months to finish my tree (some sections are easier than others!)


I finished my Portuguese tree in about two weeks. It was mostly for fun, I can't really speak Portuguese very well, so I would not recommend this.

If you want to actually learn French well, I would say half a year to two years, depending on how much you do. If you speak another Romance language like Spanish, it will probably be much easier.

Becoming fluent is much harder to say. Unless you already speak a Romance language, it will probably take at least two years. Don't stress it though. If you practice daily and don't give up, you'll get there eventually, and probably faster than you would think.


It's a self-paced program and much depends on any previous experience, how much time you may have, and many other factors. People take anywhere from one day to over a year to finish a tree. So, go at whatever pace feels comfortable to you. I would recommend that you do at least one lesson every day. That will work better than skipping some days, then doing lots to catch up. Consistency matters. If you miss a day, don't worry, but go back as soon as possible.


There's no "should" here. How long it takes you will depend on a number of factors including the time you have to spend, how much review you do, your previous knowledge of the language and what you do to learn outside Duolingo. It can take anything from days to years, and that's fine. Don't worry about 'shoulds', they will not help you.


It is difficult to say how long it will take because everybody is different. For some people to finish duolingo it takes a long time but others do it in only a few months.


Learning a new language is a multifaceted process so enjoy the journey and realize that the tree is for your benefit and use. You have already received some excellent advise in the comments. In these discussion forums you will receive suggestions and ideas from others in the learning process. Be patient with yourself.

Talk to yourself in French and put a sticky-note on everything with its French name, in your closet (shoes, coat, jacket), in your kitchen, in your car, etc. You will be amazed at how a practical application of your vocabulary will "stick" in your brain.

Bonne chance!


Like the other comments suggested, becoming fluent in another language depends on many factors. One important thing that I have learned in my journey of learning French is that it is not hard, it just takes time. Look for a mentor or a teacher to answer any questions you may have and just understand that learning French will take time. On another note, most of the articles I have read said that it takes around 500-550 hours to become fluent in French.

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