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How can singing help learning a language in the best way?

Singing is said to help learning a new language. But how would singing help in the BEST way? This is a popular topic and would anyone give me some suggestion? I really want to know cause I am learning German and I love music. Please help me in the comment below. Thanks!

August 8, 2017



As your question " Does singing help learning a language?", I would say yes.

  • Singing helps you in listening. If you want to sing a song, you have to listen to that song. Listen, listen again and again...

  • Singing helps you in pronunciation. You sing a song many times, and after that, you can pronounce correctly the words in that song.

  • Singing helps you in remembering vocabulary, and maybe how to use sentence structures


Yes, it does. Music and language are related in the brain, plus think of all the songs from our childhood and youth whose lyrics we can still pull out after all these years and remember on the spot. I've spoken to many people over the years whose first language is not English, and they've learned the language from singing psalms and hymns in church.


Know the song. Learn it off by heart. Like it. Write it (in german and in english). Love the song. The nicer the song is, the faster you will learn German!


Singing helps with pronunciation. Given that you're singing in the language you're learning. :)


You might want to check out Gabriel Wyner who is an opera singer and proficient polyglot. https://fluent-forever.com/author/gabriel-wyner/


As a native speaker of Cantonese, if you can master singing in German, you should, and will be, very proud of your efforts! Go for it!


Thanks for you're encouragement! But to let you know Hong Kong was once colony of England, so I do speak fluent English and that will help me in learning German. But you're encouragement did help me mentally a lot though! Thanks!


It might make memorization of words easier. Don't know if it helps a lot with pronunciation. Singing is different from speaking in many ways. In the end everything that motivates you is good.


I like you're last sentence most! Thanks!


Thanks for you're suggestions, but my question is "How can singing help in the best way?" : )


Sorry about my typing mistakes. My question isn't " Does singing help learning a language?" I'll edit that.


OHYESITDOES! I've done lots of singing in different languages and I know first hand how much of a game changer it is. There is something about melody and rhythm that triggers memory like nothing else can. And, at the end of the day, learning involves lots of memory! I've done singing for language learning purposes for English (fluent), then French, then Italian, then Portuguese (fluent), even Farsi... Right now I'm putting all of my attention in learning German and, let me tell you, there's nothing like experiencing a language in it's "natural habitat" like learning those lyrics and performing them. Sing away while you drive. Use your driving hours for learning.


Thanks this is great! I would never forget this sentence "There is something about melody and rhythm that triggers memory like nothing else can. "

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