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  5. "He is going to come back!"

"He is going to come back!"

Translation:Il va revenir !

August 8, 2017



and what's wrong with what I put 'il va retourner'..can someone please tell me?


"retourner" does not mean "to come back" unless the destination is explicit:

  • I am returning home = je retourne chez moi
  • I am returning = je rentre, je reviens



Thanks for the explanation.


what is wrong with: Il reviendra?


It's probably better translated as "he will come back", but I see no reason why it shouldn't work here.


"Il va revenir", just as "he is going/about to come back" is more imminent than "il reviendra/he will come back".

Near future and (simple) future are not interchangeable and in any event, since this sentence is introduced well before the simple future is taught, a translation in simple future cannot be accepted.

At any stage in the tree, please remember to translate as closely to the original as possible.


Re ' this sentence is introduced well before the simple future is taught,' I don't tend to look where the skill is in relation to other skills when doing a strengthening exercises.


DL is very keen on Future and Near future. There is a difference between I will do and I'm going to do, isn't there? Well, this difference is exactly the same between Je ferai and Je vais faire.


My answer "il va retourner" was rejected !! why ?


Hi Ali...Sitesurf has given the answer on this discussion. Gradually I have learned it necessary to read the whole discussion prior to posting my questions. Sometimes, especially with a long discussion, I miss the answer to my question. Other times I really do not understand the answer given in the discussion.

When I don't understand the answer given I post and say so and ask for further clarification. Sitesurf, in particular, is very good at explaining where I haven't understood. So, if you do not understand the answer she has given here, do reply directly to her and tell her and I know she will help.

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