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Android App Comments and Suggestions (Help Requested!)

First off, I just want to say that I love the Android App. :) However, in the interest of continued improvement, could the Duo Team please have a look at the items below? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am using the most current version of the Android app, in case that helps.

Lingot / Points when 'Redo-ing' lessons Offline

The app credits me points and shows a Lingot screen (when achieving full hearts on a repeated lesson). However, once I use the app connected to the Internet, Duo credits me only for completing the lesson once (all the other accrued points/lingots disappear!) I have lost hundreds- possibly thousands of points and dozens of lingots due to this. Would it be possible for Duo to restore these points/lingots?

Streak Question

I completed lessons while offline and did not connect to the Internet. The app credits me for my work and shows me a screen with my streak increasing. Thus, while I did not have access to Wi-Fi yesterday, I felt that my streak would be safe. Once I connected to the internet today however, my streak vanished (along with the points I accumulated on that day - the app now shows a gap in the progress chart where I had legitimately earned points). Would it be possible for Duo to restore my streak? It was a pretty high streak too, and I'd hate to see it disappear based on a technicality - (learn from my mistake young ones...) If not, may I please request that the app show a reminder screen/message about how a streak is only preserved if using the app while connected to the Internet?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Goes off to grieve lost streak

March 28, 2014



Hi JoeM.,

Will you please move this to the Troubleshooting forum? To do so, subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum, then come back to edit this. Select "Troubleshooting" from the drop down menu instead of "Duolingo". Once you save, your post will automatically be moved to the correct forum. That would be very helpful. Thank you! :)


Just moved it, thank you for the heads up!


I am using the Android App on my Kindle, connected to the wi-fi, but if I don't use my computer it doesn't count the day's activity. So days that I only use the app break whatever streak I was on.


Hi JoeM- Sorry to hear you lost your streak :( You have to sync your phone within the 24hr period in order for your progress to count towards your streak for that day (remember- this is also based on the timezone you were in upon signup). You can always buy a streak freeze on the web next time. You only get points for lessons once when offline.


I too had a disappointment when after diligently kept up daily practice on the app while on holiday without internet connection, I found I had lost the streak count. I often use the app on my tablet while comuting, without wifi, and have found that the streak is still lost even if I connect once I am home using wifi. Perhaps this is a time zone issue, I will need to check. I have also now bought the streak freeze so that will help while commuting, but not for holidays. It seems odd that DL can update the points but not register activity for a certain day. It would be great to see this corrected. I actually prefer using the app to the online version.

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