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Suggestion: Duo Chat Box.

Would anyone like a chat box in Duo? I think it would be fun and easier trying to learn with others while chatting. I find the reaction to what others say great (in the Duo app) so I just thought it would be nice. Is anyone with me?

August 8, 2017



The problem with that is people would abuse it.


Exactly and unfortunately.. Will there ever be a time where all of that would end??.. I pray. :(

So many cold-hearted people out there..


Your idea is as similar ( exactly) as the activity stream which we all once had..

[deactivated user]

    yes, it is similar. but the difference between them is that activity stream has something about a user's doing things ( ex. : level up in some languages, finish a skill, follow someone etc. ).


    and we even have a chat box too

    [deactivated user]

      [deactivated user]

        yes, I would like to have a chat box in Duolingo. it is like the club in the Duolingo APP ( I think ) .


        I'd love for there to be a chat box!

        Clubs are good, but you can't complement anybody on their achievements in clubs, and now not even on their profile like we all used to...

        So maybe, I don't know about anyone else, but I'd much rather have a Duo Chat Box in the app and even online if it's possible, than Clubs. Just, for the online, the chats should be private and not an activity stream of things you've accomplished. So it'll be like the app version should we have one.

        Because the Duo Bots seem good, but they're not real... (Even though I can't really try them out anyway for my Italian course since they're not available in Italian and since I'm learning German from Italian and not English. Also, I'd try them out for my Portuguese learning, but I can't since I have a Samsung anyway...)


        Due to legal reasons (liability and such), Duolingo is unable to implement a private messaging feature. In my mind, a simple Terms and Conditions page with a tied-in EULA and such would be able to solve that problem, but I'm certainly no legal expert, nor am I yet a corporal CEO, hehe. Also, if you're especially good with technology, you may be able to, depending, sometimes change the way your phone is set up so that it can run and boot two different OS. I've not done it on phones, though, so I wouldn't know how to do it. I know how to set up multiple OS on computers, and that's it. With the bots, if you've not had the ability to try them out, you're not missing much. They really don't seem real at all, and the potential answers are very clinched for all of the languages, sadly. Even for us beta testers, it seems especially closed off.


        Yes, very true. It really is a pity.. :/

        Oh! I hope you'll be able to reach your dream and become a corporal CEO! ;D

        Also, I'm not good with technology at all. XD And I don't have an iOS or OS. I'm on an android tablet, as stated in my previous response. So, I guess I'm not missing out on much, which is good.

        But yes, hopefully they do something about it, because in order to learn a language, we need to communicate with others.

        Though, for it being free, Duolingo has done a ton and so much work so far to stay free and still provide so many languages. I commend the team on doing that!! :D And encouragement to keep going! There are so much more languages! Slowly, they'll get a lot more of them done with time!


        Something like Speaky integrated in Duolingo would be cool


        i so totally i agree with Ludwig719394! there needs to be a chat box.


        Official Unofficial Duolingo Discordâ„¢

        .... We have chat rooms for each language, ......
        .... We also have a chat room to showcase your Golden Owls, a chatroom for Incubating Courses, and Non-Duolingo Languages, we have everything you could ever need ........

        If this sounds like something you'd like to partake in, feel free to join us at https://discord.gg/G2kpndH :)


        If only I could use Discord. That's blocked on my school's devices. =(


        That's a pity.
        How about the new discussion site for Duolingo users as an replacement for Duolingo's activity stream? I have seen you there, but I forgot the URL.



        Yes. I actually had to submit a ticket to get that unblocked. Since I am literally the only student here that would ever use that or have any reason to want it unblocked, they allowed it for me. But that didn't start out unblocked either. Discord is way less "focused" as it were, however, as all of the mediums on there are certainly not language based, and I don't think the tech office would go for unblocking it for that reason.


        Maybe....if you were only allowed to utilize one of the learned languages. No help from your mother tongue. The line between learning and drama based party language is pretty thin. A little is nice, but some people take the Chat option and RUN. So how would DL and our community monitor this experience?


        I'm definitely with you.


        I don't feel it's needed for a few reasons. First, there are a great many language apps out there that already exist solely to provide chat with learners of languages.

        Second, it's something else that Duolingo Staff would have to spend a huge amount of time dealing with. From just implementing and supporting the technology and bugs it might bring, to dealing with moderation of people who abuse the system. That's a gigantic investment of time and money for very, very little return. There are legal liabilities as well.

        A great many of people who lament the loss of activities now never really used the functions to speak in their target language. I've noticed a few faces that talk about this almost each post and they simply talked about foolish stuff from the school day and whatnot to their friends they already had and NOT in the language they were learning. These are the same people who often had no daily streak longer than 2 or 3.

        It isn't "needed" at the level Duo supports. If half the people who go on about chat and such would just do the app and do it regularly, they'd be at a level where this would be much, much easier without needing special software or apps to connect them. (They'd be able to deal with natives in basic levels on native language sites regardless of specific "chat" features.)

        TLDR: Use apps designed for the purpose rather than expecting or wanting DL to add and support it for free. Use the time you have to go through DL so that you can move on to deeper levels of learning where you don't need special chat apps as you'll be able to engage natives more easily. (Look into iTalki, HelloTalk, Tandem.)


        The activity streams were commonly used for such things as that, yes. But as many of us that have been around here a long time and are serious about languages can verify, we did use it for a lot of lingual questions and/or conversations in our target languages, also helping connect us for language exchange. I do know that your statement doesn't blanket everything saying it was all commonplace and fodder; just clarifying so no misinterpretation happens. But as I said above, terms and conditions and a EULA could potentially remove legal liability, a kind of quasi-"caveat emptor"-based system. Moderators could be implemented, but moderators are volunteers anyway. More can always be added to the team, especially those of us that have proved that we are dedicated to what we do and to not contaminate the site with pointless drivel. Not everyone has access to other means of communication, nor is it necessarily as familiar and user-friendly as Duolingo tries to be.

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