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How do I run Tinycards from my phone? And how to run the practice tool?

Is there an iPhone app for it? I'd rather use an app than go to tinycards.duolingo.com.

Also, how do I use Tinycards for practicing? I can make a deck, but I don't see anywhere to use the practicing tool.


August 8, 2017



There is an app for iPhone used. Go to the app store and search for Tiny cards. You are sure to get it. It helps you create decks as well as help you connect with practice session and Duolingo flash cards.

I hope you enjoy yourself. Thank you!!


Thank you for this information! I've installed Tinycards onto my iPhone. Now I would really like to sync up with the private deck I've created via my web browser on my computer. In general, how do I enter new words? I have hundreds of word pairs I'd like to add, and I hope I don't have to do each one by hand on the iPhone! That will take forever. I really hope I can just sync my iPhone app with the app I use on the website. Thank you.

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