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"Đừng trở thành lệ của bản thân."

Translation:Do not become a slave of yourself.

August 8, 2017



Aaah...how can we ever get 100% on a new lesson when the English is wrong!!!!


Yep. This is why I hate the bonus point system on new lessons. If you used it at all, it should only be on completed modules as you can't be expected to get things right on the first passes.


Hey Duolingo, is it possible for you to tell us what you would like to say or what you mean to say? Maybe native English-speakers can help you guys out? Thank you so much!


Chiming in with another voice saying "slave to yourself" is much more natural than "slave of yourself."


I used to do and review translations, where proper translation meant proper grammar, syntax, etc. However, when learning a language, a back translation of proper English into Vietnamese may not lead to proper Vietnamese usage. Therefore, I prefer awkward English if it helps me improve my Vietnamese.

I would rather learn proper Vietnamese than proper English in a DL course on Vietnamese. I would rather score closer to 100% in the real world than on DL. I cringe (or sometimes laugh) when I think of how I butchered Spanish when I was in Mexico.


Yes, please run this by a native English speaker before putting this out there. I mean, there are a few ways to translate this. The most obvious one is, "Don't become a slave to yourself."

"Don't become a slave of yourself" makes less sense and is grammatically incorrect - meaning the preposition used is incorrect.

"Don't become a self-slave" is less obvious, but it makes grammatical sense.

It's been eight months. Fix this, please.


How does one become a slave of oneself?


Note--when it was "I used to be a slave of love"-- it was MỘT nô lê. Here, get zapped.

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