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"Die Internetseite lädt langsam."

Translation:The website loads slowly.

August 8, 2017



There is another sentence where "internet site" is mandatory for it to be accepted, where it did not accept me typing "website", and now this one sentence is not allowing me to say "internet site" for it to work, instead requiring that I type "website" this time. I feel I'm being taunted right now.


For german "Webseite" is at least as common as "Internetseite". I did't know that "internet site" is a valid english word, sounds odd to me (but well, i'm german). is that commonly used ?

If you want to report a problem, you should use the "report a problem" button. They do not read all the forum posts. But I get, that the explanation is a bit long.
They should have made a seperate subforum for problem reporting...


The point is not common usage, but consistency.


What about just 'Seite'?


site should be accepted, no one says website where they can use just site


This is not a correct translation in this context. You can use the word for a 'web site' or a 'web page' but this one has to be a 'web page' because only they can 'load' whereas the site is where the webpages come from!! DL does not accept 'web page' here unlike other examples in this exercise and this is the one instance where it must be 'web page'. I have reported this.


why is "down loads " slowly not accepted ? anything loaded from the web to a local computer is said to be downloaded in English


"The website is loading slowly" was not accepted. Why not?


I know, this one is a bit old-fishioned but 'The internet website loads slowly' could be accepted


The Duolingo lesson takes a while too. It's as if they're mining bitcoins in Javascript.


Yup, and it's got more trackers and fingerprinters than I'd like, but gotta put food on the table somehow, right? Or learn languages offline or another alternative.

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