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こんにちはみなさん! What does "Sonna" mean in japanese? (:

August 8, 2017



It depends on the sentence. Literally, it means "something like that" or " that kind of thing". Ex.

そんなこと = that kind of thing (thing = happening). 

そんなもの = that kind of thing (thing = material thing).

そんな気持ち (そんなきもち)= those kind of feelings.

It may also be used to express exclamation, and will be written in a way that implies that the sound of the あ (in な) is being stretched:

Ex.  そんなぁ or そんなー that would be pronounced like (sonnaaaa!). In those cases it means something like "no way!" or "oh my gosh!".


I think 'そんな' is part of an exclamatory sentence. Something word is omitted after 'そんな'.

Like following:

そんなバカな! or そんなひどい!or そんな殺生な!etc.

How foolish it is! or How awful it is! or How terrible it is!

'殺生/せっしょう' seems from buddhism word. It means killing something to living. Therefore it means cruel thing. But actually we use more in a light meaning. In the class at school, students say 'そんな' when the teacher says 'you are taking an exam today!'.

It is used when the person encounter something to bad thing. But not so seriously.

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