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Clubs - huge experience points gaining

Hello everybody,

I am working quiet a lot on gaining experince points to beat all the members of the group (achievement: become your club´s weekly winner). Achievements are available in duolingo phone application.

In last 2 days I gained more than 400 XPs and I was the leader. :) Suddenly someone gained more than 600XP within an hour or two.

How is this possible? Alien invasion? :)

August 8, 2017



There was a time when I did 1000 XPs a day. I guess sometimes you just have the drive :) one way to accomplish more XPs is to take the 'Timed Practice" on the web version. That way, you get 1 XP for every correct answer, so you can get up to 20 XPs in one practice. It's also a good way to improve, by getting faster at thinking in that language.


I can manage only few first lessons with a time practice. I still have to think too much. But improvement is visible.


It comes with time. Just keep practicing :)

[deactivated user]

    well one day i earned 2000 xp because i signed up for a language i already new and i did a test at the beginning where it ask if you are a beginner and just from that test i got so many xp and i had accomplished almost all of my skills does that help?


    Damn professionals. Are you sure you are not an alien?


    There is someone in my club who has 2000 XP each week AT LEAST and it kinda annoys me because I'm usually at the top, but while 600 XP is a lot, I'm just saying it could be worse.


    I just started duolingo a couple weeks ago and just made it into the bronze league a week ago. I decided I wanted to go for the top score and was well in the lead and then on the last day some person was somehow churning out over 1000 points an HOUR, I quit paying attention when they were somewhere over 12,000 points! I was thinking it was something like what you said where they went back and tested out of a bunch of skills or figured there was some other way to get easy points early on, but when I looked at their profile it only had English. They must have figured out an exploit or hacked the app somehow and had it sending skill completions every second.

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    Congratulations on advancing to Bronze!

    If English was his native language, it's not surprising he was testing out at a high rate. Some lengthy skill levels, especially upper level ones, can rake in over 300 XP in the five minutes it takes to pass each test.

    There's a person in my Spanish club who's currently at 6180 XP for the week, and I'm at 466. I could catch up to her today in an couple of hours if I really wanted to. Even in intermediate Spanish, thanks to Duo's help in me learning that foreign language over the last three years.

    But maybe Duo should limit the number of tests per day or per week, or charge lingots for each test, perhaps proportional to the XP gained. Or increase the number of questions and/or reduce the allowed four wrong answers. Lots could be done.


    Thanks! I'm currently in Silver and should advance to the next level in a few hours.

    That makes sense, I appreciate the explanation. I agree entirely that the points don't matter, but it seemed really odd and had me curious. I'm a bit of a gamer, so I was thinking it was some kind of an exploit or hack. I really like duolingo and I feel like I have made more progress in the last 2 weeks than I did in 2 years of taking Spanish in college. The leaderboards are fun, but if I don't advance it won't make a difference since I am doing this for my own improvement (although I have probably practiced a little more the past 24 hours since I was right on the cusp of being promoted to the next league)


    I wouldn't mind having to spend lingots to do the tests. They're easy to get and I don't mind supporting the developers.


    It is likely they tested out of sections. It is also possible they completed many lessons. I have accumulated over 3000 XP in a week by finishing about 300 lessons, and also more recently over 6000 in a week by testing out of many (particularly the reverse tree, English for French speakers). My advice, stick with it and value the learning more than the competition. The latter is meant to be motivation, but you may be competing against someone who knows the language well.


    It just takes dedication, talking with bots (if you're able to) and doing timed practice. I went from 15th to 1st place on a Sunday and won the weekly leader board. Timed practice is a great way to get your brain thinking quicker and building xp. In some of my groups people just constantly repeat easy skills like Basics 1, which won't build your xp as fast. As long as you're learning it's great. Personally, I believe the 'Easy' option should be 50xp 'Insane' should be a lot more. Daily streaks would mean more also b.c some people just log in to complete 10xp and that doesn't help you learn. That's why I never pay attention to streaks.


    I don't know I had leader position with 400+ Xp and someone JUST JOINED and has 2200. It is actually discouraging because I can't possibly catch up to that-- I have a JOB and can't just do Duolingo all day long.

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    "Testing out" of levels is by far the fastest way to gain maximum XP in minimum time. I can get over 300 XP in just five minutes at the higher levels. No hacking necessary.


    Another way to rack up points in some languages is listening to stories. Available on internet versions of French, Spanish, German, and I think Portuguese. Great option once you are an intermediate level in a language.


    I hope everyone can take great pride in the hard work they put in and recognize that some people take a course in a language they are already more familiar with, so if someones wants to test out of lessons, don't be put out by comparing your progress to theirs. Also, if a student shows on Duolingo as only taking one course, they may be taking others in different base languages and those won't show up. I know French and English, so in addition to taking Spanish from English, I started taking the reverse courses, English and French from Spanish. At the beginning levels, I can test out and get a lot of points and crowns (which isn't my primary goal). It's nice to come out top of your club, but if you're second or third or fourth, congratulations! Cheer each other on (talk to each other)!


    I have also reached the top of my clubs leader board in Spanish in the past day. It's good to challenge yourself


    Large XP gains can be achieved by opting out of the lesson and choosing the "skip to level" (select the key icon). This does however entail completion of the lesson with 4 or less errors. Good luck my linguists!


    I'm confused to see that there was no winner for this past week's leader board. Not sure why. Prior to them resetting the score board on Sunday evening, I'd scored the highest points within my group. Not a big deal. Just another incentive that keeps us moving along. I thought that the recording of the winner was an automatic process.


    How do you become your clubs weekly winner?


    If you're just looking for the achievement, create a new club and hope not too many ppl join and on Sunday go see if you're at the top. If the top isn't too far away, grind to pass them.

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