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  5. "Eu devo pagar uma taxa."

"Eu devo pagar uma taxa."

Translation:I must pay a fee.

March 28, 2014



I put in I need to pay a tax and it's incorrect because of the "to" go figure..... maybe I should be taking English on here as well!!!


I don't think the problem is the word "to"; that is gramatically correct. The problem is the phrase "need to", which in Portuguese is "preciso". The verb "dever" refers to an obligation, debt or duty. Eu devo = I must or I owe.


"Need" can still refer to an obligation. It's not as precise, but I frequently interchange "need," "have to," and "must."


Duo says it would accept the translation "I need pay a tax", so it's not like it wouldn't accept because of "need".


but tax does not equal fee.


Well, for one thing only the state or local government may take out a tax, while a fee may be charged by anyone providing any service. A fee is usually connected to a special service while a tax is not.

Your bank may charge you a fee if you lose your card and need it replaced. It may also change a fee is you want to use the card in an ATM (which may seem absurd but that is what my bank does with my credit card)

On the other hand, the income tax that I pay to the municipal government I have to pay even if I don't use any of the services it provides. It is the same % of my salary whether I go to the (free) hospital ten times one month, or 0 times. It is not connected to any specific service.


Thanks, Janpot. But in the case of this sentence where there is no context you agree that both can be accepted, right?


Right now I can't think of an example where "taxa" should be translated into "tax". Even if there is 1 such example I think it's better to leave "tax" as a wrong answer, since "taxa" and "tax" are false friends. They seem to mean same thing, but they don't. It's good that Duo points that out to everyone.


Nothing wrong with your English. Duo has blinkers when it comes to English sentences.


It does OK for a bot.


I don't know who down voted you, but it was uncalled for; you are quite right. I reported this quite a while ago, but as of February 2015 it's still not fixed.


I wrote "I will pay a tax" which DL marked as wrong, stating the correct answer is "I'll pay a tax". "I''ll" is the same as "I will".


how about "I should pay a fee"?


Taxa and tax are false friends.
Taxa = Fee Imposto = Tax

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