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Why do honest, humble questions that could never insult or harm anyone in any way get downvoted here

August 8, 2017



Usually because they're irrelevant and / or lacking in content.

Do you have an example?



I''m sure I'm not the only person who just recently came back to Duolingo and doesn't have a clue about why there is no more Immersion, so this question isn't all that irrelevant. It feels like people downvote it out of spite.


i think it may be more because that information is very easy find due to the fact that there are many many discussions about it already, they could have just typed 'immersion' into the search bar or even duolingo immersion into google would have come up with results


So did I, but all I could gather was conjectures. I was wondering if someone could come up with an "official" answer. I even made it clear I already searched for it. I guess people don't pay too much attention to detail, and downvote it prematurely.


It is beter to search in the "Duolingo Help center", "Duolingo Wiki" or Google:



this is from the CEO, he also posts on reddit which tends to have a few more answers. As you can see it is a pretty well known post and i found this in about 30 seconds by typing why was duolingo immersion removed into google


I don't think it's spite. Sometimes, people simply don't like what we may have to say for one reason or another.

A lot of regular users get a little annoyed by seeing the same posts on the same topic day in and day out, especially when there's a search function right at the top of the forums. I've never understood it myself (this is an advice forum, after all), but that's one of the main reasons it happens.


there's a search function right at the top of the forums

and Support Pages. ;)


I agree with you, but some people really do ask some brain-cells-lacking questions!


Im sure there are people who just down vote everything they see there are a lot of "special" people on this website i think they should just get rid of this system its pointless


I agree, but they could easily do a search and come up with the answers to these questions. Also, many of the ones that are downvoted are in the wrong category, or are poorly phrased and confusing. That being said, people should be able to ask legitimate questions. I almost wish there were a separate section for questions, or you could filter them out. Maybe when you post you can pick a category to put your discussion into, and one of those could be questions?


It's true, it happens. I recently asked a perfectly valid question that got 3 downvotes. I couldn't answer why though - some people are unexplainable. I think the answer to your question is simply: idiots. :)



Possibly because a google search for "j'entends que subjonctif" (without quotes) yields three relevant webpages within the first five results, one of them explicitly contrasting the two meanings of "entendre"...


I asked if we change to subjunctive when we believe it's not true. We do the same when unsure of the reality of something we ''dream of'', so why shouldn't I question this? Try finding the answer to that on google search. That said, there's no point caring about idiots downvoting such threads, learning a language is the goal.

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