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A Major Flaw in Duolingo (And a way to fix it, kinda)

In a nutshell, most of what you write while practicing a language in duolingo is in your native language, which isn't helpful at all when you're supposed to be learning a different one.

The way I got around this was by practicing my German in the "German to English" course, not vice-versa. This way I had to type more in German than I did in the "English to German" course. Don't know if this works with everyone, it did help me out quite a bit though.

August 8, 2017



Unfortunately there is no reverse tree for me (in Danish)


That's a really good point. I also wish there were more "type what you hear" questions.


A full quiz based solely on hearing and speaking would be great


Nice idea! Never considered that, maybe I'll try it out too. Thanks for the suggestion!!! ;)


Hahaha glad it helped.


And if you really want to (and the option is offered) you can go from your second language to your third! And practice both. You'd have to have a fairly decent grasp on the second, though.

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