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"The time"

March 9, 2013



ok so far for the word time in my notes i have "fois, heure, moment, temps" so confused...


you also should have "weather", because the French also use "le temps" for that.


Ya, I was once corrected from using "temps" to says "I don't have enough time". "Je n'ai pas de temps". The family that I was staying with thought that it was awkward and that I was saying "I don't have any weather". They told me to say "Je n'ai pas de l'heure" instead. Granted, this particular family was in rural France, and they might not have had the most educated accent, but the correction did come from a native French speaker.


This is the correct expression, when you don't have a watch and don't know what time it is: "je n'ai pas l'heure".

"Je n'ai pas de temps" means "I don't have any time"

"Je n'ai pas le temps" means "I don't have time" or "... enough time"

"il n'y a pas d'heure pour cela" means "there is no specific time for that"

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