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  5. "I am stepping outside."

"I am stepping outside."

Translation:Je fais un pas dehors.

August 8, 2017



Why isn't Je prends un pas a l'exterieur OK?


You cannot say prendre un pas. It doesn't exist in French. There is the expression prendre le pas, but it means leading a group of people walking.


Why is in 'un pas' added?


Because "to step" is "faire un pas". There is no single verb to translate "to step".


Why does the drop down menu give "je suis marchand"


It does not, actually. Separately, "I" is "je", "am" is "suis" and "stepping" is "marchant" (present participle of "marcher").
But "I am stepping outside" is "je fais un pas dehors".

"Am stepping" is a continuous present tense, which does not exist in French. So, "am stepping" will need a translation in the French present tense.

"To step" can translate to "marcher" or "faire un pas" or other translation depending on the context.

"To step outside" is "faire un pas dehors" and "I am stepping outside" is "Je fais un pas dehors", in the present tense.

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