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Events are great but teachers need to be able to give access only to older students

I am a French teacher at the elementary and middle school levels, and have been very happy and grateful to be able to use DuoLingo for my classes for the past 2 years. I am also very happy to see it continually developing. I am very concerned, however, that all of my students all have access to the new "Events." For older students, this could certainly be a wonderful way to meet people while growing language skills. My students range from ages 6 to 14, though, and are clearly not old enough for this, and some could even be easy prey for internet predators who sense opportunities. I do not think young students should be able to access invitations to join up to meet strangers for conversation at a beer garden or other adult venue through their school-created accounts.
I realize that this is a new feature and that this aspect of integrating Events may not have come up before. I would greatly appreciate it if programmers could build in a way to simply not have "DuoLingo Events" appear on student accounts unless the teacher selects an option for it.
I appreciate the other options that are already built in to protect children such as giving teachers the option of whether or not to activate certain older social media features of DuoLingo.

August 8, 2017



Hi SrAudreyFrances,

This is an excellent point. Our team will add the ability to disable Events in the "student privacy settings" that all teachers have access to. (Events will be automatically disabled by default, along with the other social features you mentioned above.)

I should also add that all Events are 18+ unless specifically noted and in that case, the minor must be accompanied by an adult. This is clear in each event listing.


Hi Laura,

Thank you so much, I am so glad to hear we will have this option! As far as I am concerned, that is a perfect solution.

Thank you for pointing out the 18+ requirement, as well. That makes a lot of sense to me.




Hi Sarina,

I am honored by your request, and thank you. Unfortunately, the classrooms I have made are for use by the students that I teach face-to-face in real classrooms. I hope you enjoy learning French, though--such a beautiful language! Bonne chance!

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