"I will buy them"


August 8, 2017

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Why aren't vi / i / wa acceptable ? Why only zi?


A general rule of thumb to follow in this course is that if there are no other clues, default to N/N. It's inelegant, and I think there are a few cases where it isn't so, but for the most part it works. In the meantime, keep reporting sentences like these.


I haven't noticed that pattern ... I generally resort to N/N, but there are a lot of the other classes for no apparent reason ... but maybe it's not "a lot", as you said ... could be my cognitive biases.


Wow, this should be posted somewhere very visible because I don't believe as many people go through this from desktop and read through discussions.

Alternatively, the noun class in ambiguous sentences like these could be mentioned in parenthesis: this also happens sporadically, but for this very entry, we have a precedent in the dictionary



So,is it nitainunua or nitazi unua??


Both aparently, since 'them' doesn't belong in any noun class. There's also no mention of what it refers to. Anyway, in the tips and notes you can see what prefix you need to use.

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