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Being tested on lessons I have not done yet!

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This is an old problem and reported it at least once but apparently has not been fixed. Every time I finish a skill set so I am allowed to move on to the next set of skills but before taking any of the lessons on that next set of skills, I get tested on lessons I have not done yet when I do "Strengthen skills".

For example. I finished "Feelings" and "Pres. Per." and am now allowed to take lessons in "Past per." and "Nature" but haven't taken any yet. But when I did some practice just a few minutes ago, I got tested on new words (having to do with Nature). And interestingly, looking at my tree right now (to have the exact Skill names for this post), I see it says that I have already done lesson 1 of Nature!!! - March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014

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I have the same problem, as I learning French. I want to strengthen what I learned in the "Basics 1", I did all the lessons just now separately, because I could not remember what we learned so far. Then after finishing all the lessons in 'Basics 1' I click on the 'Strengthen Basics 1' and it asks words or phrases that were not in 'Basics 1' at all, and I can never finish it without losing all my hearts.

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